Concert Music


Back to Oz (2019) Music for brass quintet (KO!Brass) and percussion (Slagwerk Den Haag) written for the theatre production by Het Filiaal Theatermakers. Script by Don Duyns.

Ham And Fish (2019) for 8 voices and 8 music-box mechanisms.

What is a nail. (2019) for choir and ensemble. Text: Susie Asado by Gertrude Stein. Will be premiered in November 2019 by Koor Fenix in Amsterdam.

Dies Irae (Schuldig Hart) (2017) 5’30” composed for “An Utrecht Requiem”; commissioned by Ensemble Insomnio and premiered by the Netherlands Chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio.

Libera Me (Leef Zoals Ik Wil) (2017) 7’43” composed for “An Utrecht Requiem”; commissioned by Ensemble Insomnio and premiered by the Netherlands chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio.

Endless Rain (2016) for harp and songbells; 5’46” (Harpist also plays two gongs) 5’46”. Published by Donemus Publishing Broadcast of Endless Rain on the Concertzender March 29th 2017:

Latitude/Longitude (2016) for harp and percussion; 25′ Commissioned by DuoHarpverk (Iceland) and the NFPK. 25′ Published by Donemus Publishing

Cracks (2014) for bass clarinet, violin and violoncello; 3′

Jimisme  (2014) for soprano, bass clarinet and soundtrack; 9’20” Commissioned by soprano Andrea van Beek (Cappella Amsterdam).

words we have no sounds for  (2013) for viola and soundtrack;  5′ Commissioned by violist Saskia Meijs

pm  (2009) for soprano, vibraphone, trombone, violin and cello; 7′ (text by Lucebert). Published by Donemus Publishing

Als je weet waar ik ben zoek me dan  (2007) for mixed choir SATB, strings and percussion (1 player); 18′ Commissioned by the Helios Chamber Ensemble and Choir  and the AFK. Published by Donemus Publishing

That’s it  (2009) for solo speaking percussionist; 5′   That’s it (PDF score)

Ik draai een kleine revolutie af (2007) for 3 choirs – composed for the Helios Choir.

Blue Frog (1993) for gamelan degung – composed for the Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble Toronto, Canada.


Music for theatre

Enkeltje Mars (2017)

Spoor (2016)  Music was written for and performed by the String Quartet of the Ives Ensemble.

Falling Dreams (2015)

The Secret of Q (2012)

Einstein, faster than light

An Icy Wonder

Katharina Katharina in het Ganzenbord (audio example is the Overture)


Momo en de Tijdspaarders


Klein Duimpje

Geen bijen, geen fruit


Toen Mijn Vader Een Struik Werd

As Flat as the World

Wiplala Weer



Film Music

De Beer  produced by Stichting Cynergy; directed by Eefje Suijkerbuik (2014)


Lijn Nr. 3, a bus opera (Dutch language); commissioned by the YO! Opera Festival

Music for small (jazz) orchestra

A Bass Chase

Variations on a Salad Dressing

Everything goes on

The Adventures of Baron Rabinovitsj

The Intermission

If only I’d been a carpenter

Dear Mother

Land! Land!


Polleke’s sadness

When I Dream

Can we not

Hebbe houde mia man man man

Ik durf bijna niet te denken


Vaäsk Suomi

Seven and six

Gimme birdy birdy

She had sailed


A Very Risky Korsakov



On a Clear Day (for 5 female voices a cappella)

War Dance for Wooden Indians (for alto sax, tuba, tabla, marimba, piano and tap dance)