On my most recent work

Heat and Memory

for solo violin and electronics:

What is time? Thanks to Einstein, we know that there isn’t just one time, but a multitude of times all intertwined. That is a fact. How we as humans experience time is more or less diametrically opposed to this. For us there is only one time: a more or less straight arrow that moves in only one direction. The past has already occurred, the future is yet to come and we find ourselves somewhere in between in an imaginary “now”. For this very reason, best-selling author and physicist Carlo Rovelli calls time a “multi-layered phenomenon”. The ‘real’ time of Einstein and our deep, emotional, human relationship to time both exist and are equally real.

Heat and Memory is a partly theatrical exploration of both worlds in sound. Both violinist and composer are on stage. The violinist plays, moves and whistles. The composer operates the electronics live.
Slowly out of nowhere, clouds of sound are formed from several layers of violin. Times and tempos are intertwined. The layers are unpredictabel and playful but also full of longing and melancholy. This music is not about past and future but simply about events that cause other events. An alienating and poetic quest for the intangibility of time as sound.

Premiered 7th of November 2021 at the November Music Festival in Den Bosch.

Performed by violinist Emma Breedveld and Gábor Tarján

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