Heat and Memory (2021) for solo violin and live electronics premiered at the November Music Festival in ‘s Hertogenbosch. It was especially written for violinist Emma Breedveld. The composition and text are mine. The electronics consists of (manipulated) recordings of a church bell in Budapest.

What is time? Thanks to Einstein, we know that there isn’t just one time, but a multitude of times all intertwined. That is a fact. How we as humans experience time is more or less diametrically opposed to this. For us there is only one time: a more or less straight arrow that moves in only one direction. The past has already occurred, the future is yet to come and we find ourselves somewhere in between in an imaginary “now”. For this very reason, best-selling author and physicist Carlo Rovelli calls time a “multi-layered phenomenon”. The ‘real’ time of Einstein and our deep, emotional, human relationship to time both exist and are equally real.

Heat and Memory is an exploration of both worlds in sound. Both violinist and composer are on stage. The violinist plays, moves and whistles. The composer speaks and operates the electronics live.
Slowly out of nowhere, clouds of sound are formed from several layers of violin. Times and tempos are intertwined. The layers are unpredictable and playful but also full of longing and melancholy. This music is not about past and future but simply about events that cause other events.

click here >> for an interview (in Dutch) I did with Aad van Nieuwkerk of Radio4.

Music for String Quartet performed by the String Quartet of the Ives Ensemble. This music was originally composed for the theatre production SPOOR by Het Filiaal Theatermakers.

Libera Me (Leef Zoals ik Wil) and Dies Irae (Schuldig Hart) were written for the Utrecht Requiem and are performed here by the Netherlands Chamber Choir and Ensemble Insomnio.

Ik wil voelen is a song that was written for the large venue Christmas show Back to Oz. In Back to Oz, this song was sung by the Tinman. It is one of many songs in that production. Here, Sacha Muller and I re-recorded the song because suddenly the text seemed very much to resonate with the predicament that many of us are in during the Covid-19 lockdown. I think that many of us can sing along with the Tinman when he sings:

Let me feel I’m alive

Let me sob with pain

Let me swim in happiness

Let me be with you

Latitude/Longitude (2015) performed by Eva Tebbe, harp and Niels Meliefste, percussion. Recorded at Museum De Pont November 25, 2018.

My arrangement of the Raymond Scott classic, War Dance for Wooden Indians. This video is from the production Tap ‘n Tabla by Het Filiaal Theatermakers featuring Sandip Bhattacharya on tabla and tapdancer Peter Kuit. Also featuring Yamila Bavio, saxes and clarinets; Frans Cornellisen, trombone and tuba; Rembrandt Frerichs, piano and myself on drums and marimba.

This video can also be found on the official Raymond Scott blog: